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Evanston Fire Fighters

On duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protecting Evanston and surrounding communities.

Advanced Life Support

All of our rigs have Advanced Life Support capabilities to save lives quickly.


On or off duty, Local #742 helps to support the Evanston Community.


International Association of Fire Fighters/ Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois.

Engine 23

Northwestern gracious donation of Engine 23.

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Evanston Fire Fighters Political Action

Evanston Fire Fighters Local 742 has been a political force for it's storied history.  Many politicians seek out the stamp of support from this local to help their campaigns.  Our Political Action Committee has lent support to may local candidates whom have showed their appreciation by supporting firefighter issues, initiating legislation for fire fighters, and supporting bills that help firefighters rights.  Evanston Fire Firefighters was one of the first locals in the State of Illinois to support at the time U.S. Senate hopeful Barack Obama, who is now the President of the United States.  Local 742 has supported many of our City Council Members over the years, as well as our State and Senate Representatives, Cook County Board Members, by walking the streets for each of these Candidates and contributing to their campaigns financially.  Local 742 is active in financially contributing to the International Association of Fire Fighters Political Action, as well as the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois Political Action Funds.  Many of our Members contribute additional funds to the IAFF Fire PAC to help support candidates who will support firefighters rights and issues. 

This page will show current legislation that we ask you look up your Representatives to either support or oppose.  You can find the Representative for your area by clicking HERE.

Local #742 Endorses Daniel Biss for Mayor

Nov. 19, 2020 Evanston Firefighters Local 742 is Excited and Proud to endorse Daniel Biss for Mayor of the City of Evanston. Daniel has extensive experience in government needed during these unprecedented times and has an uncanny ability to bring people together for the common good. We look forward to a great partnership with Daniel as we navigate these unprecedented times and continue to deliver elite Fire and EMS services to the citizens of Evanston.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama at the April 13, 2004 Union Meeting

Illinois Senator Barack Obama thanks Local 742 for their efforts during the Spring
Democratic election primary.  He also asked for our help in winning the U.S. 
Senate seat this fall.

Senator Obama explains the difficult election ahead this fall.

Local 742 Political Action Committee Chairman, David Lipp presents Senator Obama with
with a $1,000 check towards his campaign.


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