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Evanston Fire Department Announces Promotion of Four Distinguished Members

4 Promotions
Left to Right: Fire Captain Tom Howard, Fire Captain Jamaine Collins, Fire Apparatus Operator Kevin Rodriguez, Fire Apparatus Operator Johan Haglund

Friday, June 2, 2023- The Evanston Fire Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Fire Apparatus Operators (FAO) Tom Howard and Jamaine Collins to the rank of Fire Captain, and FF/Paramedic Kevin Rodriguez and Johan Haglund to the rank of FAO, effective Monday, June 5. Their dedication and commitment to serving the community have been well reflected over their 91 years of combined experience. These distinguished members have been a tremendous asset to our department and will undoubtedly do well serving in their new capacity.

Capt. Tom HowardTom Howard was promoted from fire apparatus operator to fire captain. Fire Captain Tom Howard started his career in the fire service in 1988 as a paid on-call firefighter in the Willow Springs Fire Department. Bridgeview Fire Department hired him in 1994, where he trained to receive his paramedic license. On December 6, 1999, Tom joined the Evanston Fire Department as a lateral transfer, where he has been an active MABAS Division 3 High Angle/Trench Rescue member. Tom was promoted to the rank of FAO in 2008. He is a highly decorated veteran whose professionalism and commitment to serve are hallmarks of his service in Evanston.

Tom has been instrumental in supporting mental health and wellness initiatives for firefighters and founded the Evanston Fire Department's first Peer Support Team. Howard served as a faith coordinator for Illinois Firefighter Peer Support (ILFFPS) in 2015, where he was later promoted to executive director from 2017 through 2022. In April of 2022, Tom founded and currently operates as director for the First Responder Peer Initiative. In his spare time, Tom hosts a podcast entitled The Fire Inside. Tom received a Master's in Divinity from Northern Theological Seminary in 2016.

Capt. Jamaine CollinsJamaine Collins was promoted from fire apparatus operator to fire captain. Fire Captain Jamaine Collins started his fire career in 2006 when he joined the Stickney Fire Department. In 2007, Jamaine joined the Lincolnwood Fire Department, where he received his paramedic license. He joined the Evanston Fire Department on September 12, 2011, and was later promoted to FAO in May 2022. Jamaine has received numerous awards for his exceptional skill and professionalism throughout his career. Jamaine's extensive training and commitment to the profession will serve him well in his new role.

Collins is a dedicated professional who is highly trained and holds numerous specialized training certifications. He is a MABAS Division 3 Hazardous Material and Technical Rescue Teams member. Jamaine received his Fire Officer II and Fire Instructor II certifications. He was also a Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Academy (NIPSTA) instructor.

Jamaine is an active participant in the department and currently serves as a member of the emergency medical services (EMS), standard operating guidelines (SOG), and Detail Committees. He was also elected and serves as Treasurer for Evanston Firefighters Local 742's Executive Board.


FAO Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez was promoted from firefighter/paramedic to fire apparatus operator. FAO Kevin Rodriguez started his career in the fire service in 2001 and received his paramedic license in 2003. Kevin joined the Evanston Fire Department as a FF/paramedic on October 3, 2005. Kevin is a decorated veteran firefighter who is regarded as dependable and is trusted to do well in his new role.

Kevin has completed numerous training hours, receiving his Hazardous Materials Operator and Firefighter II certificate in 2002. In 2015, Kevin received his Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) and Fire Safety Vehicle Operator (FSVO) certificates. Rodriguez also helped other Evanston firefighters receive their paramedic licenses by sharing his expertise and providing mentorship over departmental members while serving as EMS coordinator.

Kevin received his Bachelor of Fire Science Administration from Waldorf University in 2019.


FAO Johan HaglundJohan Haglund was promoted from firefighter/ paramedic to fire apparatus operator. FAO Johan Haglund has served the residents of Evanston since September 5, 2006, when he received his firefighter and paramedic certifications. FAO Haglund is a highly decorated veteran firefighter who has exhibited a steadfast commitment to serving Evanston residents and supporting department members' health and wellness.

Johan is an active and highly trained member of the department. He received his Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) and Fire Safety Vehicle Operator (FSVO) certificates in 2013, served as an EMS coordinator for three years, and collaboratively partnered with Evanston Fire and Police command staff to conduct Rescue Task Force (RTF) exercises in support of active shooter training. Johan is an active member of the MABAS Division 3 Trench Rescue Team. Johan received technician-level certifications in trench rescue, confined space, and structural collapse and operations-level certification in rope rescue. He is also an active member of the personal watercraft team (PWC) and recently received two commendations for conducting heroic lakefront rescues in 2022.

Johan has been instrumental in supporting health and wellness initiatives for firefighters, serving as a Peer Fitness Committee member for six years. This initiative supported firefighter health and fitness through weightlifting, strength training, flexibility, mobility testing, and nutritional counseling. Johan is well-trained in these disciplines and has supported our members tremendously throughout this program.



2022 Marty Leoni Award Winner

Evanston Fire Department Honors ETHS Student Charlie Kremin with Marty Leoni Award

Marty Leoni Winner 2022

EVANSTON, IL - On November 1, Evanston Township High School student Charlie Kremin was recognized by Evanston Fire Department's Local 742 as this year's Marty Leoni Award recipient, receiving a $2,000 scholarship to be applied towards college educational expenses.

The scholarship was created in 1986 in honor and memory of Marty F. Leoni by his family, friends, and fellow firefighters. Marty was born and raised in Evanston and became a firefighter for the City of Evanston on March 2, 1981. He died in the line of duty at a fire at 1927 Jackson St. in Evanston on July 22, 1985, while trying to save an infant trapped inside a burning structure.

The scholarship is awarded annually by an ETHS-led committee to one student who excels academically, has been an accomplished football player for a minimum of three years, and represents characteristics similar to Marty Leoni. These qualities include integrity, a demonstrated commitment to athletic and academic excellence, and service as a leader in their organization. The scholarship is intended to support the student's professional development, honoring Marty's legacy and pursuit of excellence.

Annual fundraising activities sponsored by Evanston Fire Department (EFD) Local 742 include an annual golf outing and Marty Leoni Fun Run. Since 1986, EFD Local 742 has awarded over $47,000 in academic scholarships. Former Division Chief Ronn Gannon, a 30-year veteran of Evanston Fire Department, said that Leoni was an exemplary member of the department and that "it would be a travesty if we forgot the sacrifice Marty and his family made on that dreadful day."

Gannon highlights the great efforts made by firefighters, friends, and family in honor of Marty Leoni, stating we will continue to fundraise and raise awareness of the everyday sacrifices firefighters make in their profession.

To donate to the Marty Leoni Memorial Fund, you can use the Zelle app and use phone number (847)910-7665.




Congratulations FF Moskal

FF Joe Moskal

EVANSTON, IL - After more than 34 years of dedicated service, Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph Moskal retired on January 19. Moskal began his career in Evanston as a firefighter on August 15, 1988.

Joe recently received a Special Recognition Award for working diligently during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a profound effect on first responders in our community.

His dedication for the profession is exhibited in his training and educational pursuits. Within his first year of employment, Joe received training as an emergency medical technician, serving as a licensed paramedic for over 30 years. He completed driver training and received his Fire Apparatus Operator certification. Joe also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science Management from Southern Illinois University.

Joe's commitment to the department as a member of Evanston Fire Department Local 742 was on display when he served as Union Steward to assist fellow firefighters in work-related matters.

"Joe served Evanston residents with honor and distinction for over 34 years. We wish Joe and his family a very happy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors," said Deputy Chief William Muno.


2022 Record Year of Responses

Happy 2023 from our Family to yours! 2022 was a record year for the EFD answering 11,240 calls for service. Thank you for your continued support!


2023 EFD Awards Ceremony

December 16, 2022- EFD had an amazing awards ceremony last night, celebrating the extraordinary efforts of our members & partners- NU and Northshore! Thank you for celebrating with us at Hilton Garden! Commitment to excellence = EvanSTRONG! @NorthwesternU @CityofEvanston NorthShore University HealthSystem

Swearing in new members

Congratulations to our newest hires Nicholas Vanek, Andres Rivera-Thompson, Hunter Wolf, Enrique Gonzalez, Michelangelo De Leon, and Elijah Henry!

2022 Marty Leoni Award

Congratulations to James Trippi and Andrew Jakus for receiving the Marty Leoni Jr. Award!


Congratulations FAO Rob Byrne on retirement

Fire Apparatus Operator Rob Byrne Announces His Retirement After 20 Years of Service

Rob Byrne

After more than 20 years of dedicated service, Fire Apparatus Operator Robert Byrne retired on May 14, 2022. Byrne started his career in Evanston as a firefighter/paramedic on September 4, 2001, and was promoted to Fire Apparatus Operator on August 31, 2009.

Rob is a decorated firefighter who received the Meritorious Service Award and Chief's Letter of Commendation. The Meritorious Service Award is provided to department members involved in special projects or dedication to duty. The Chief's Letter of Commendation is a form of acknowledgment to recognize outstanding Fire and Paramedic work. Criteria for this recognition include exceptional skill and professionalism.

Rob's commitment to the profession and community is exhibited in his training and educational pursuits. He received his Fire Apparatus Operator training within his first few years on the job, with additional specialized high-intensity training and certifications in technical rescue and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Rob's commitment to the department as a member of Evanston Fire Department Local 742 was notable. For 19 years, Rob coordinated holiday charity events, raising donations to purchase food and toys through Family Focus and the Salvation Army, benefitting underserved children throughout the Evanston community. Additionally, Rob served as Union Steward and Political Action Committee Treasurer for nearly two decades. 

Fire Chief Paul Polep commented, "Rob Byrne was a committed Evanston Firefighter promoted to our department's rank of Fire Apparatus Operator. Rob took a special interest in coordinating the collection and distribution of food and gifts for underserved populations in our community throughout his career. We would like to wish Rob and his family a very happy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors."

Congrats New Local #742 Member

Congrats to Local 742’s newest member, Enrique Gonzalez, on his graduation from NIPSTA’s Fire Academy. He’s pictured here (2nd from left) with some of his fellow graduates who are members of other Locals. Candidate Gonzalez’s road to becoming an Evanston Firefighter/Paramedic is just beginning. Next, he’ll start his candidate year on shift for the Evanston Fire Department. His first year will focus on training on all of the skills he’s learned in academy, along with some new ones special to the Evanston Fire Department. As he progresses, he’ll be tested on them to ensure he’s fully grasping them, and growing as a Firefighter. If he successfully completes his year of Candidacy, he’ll become an Evanston Firefighter. Following that first year, he’ll go to Paramedic school, where he’ll learn all the medical skills required of an Evanston Firefighter/Paramedic. While it will be a busy, and sometimes tough first few years, Enrique has the full support of the entire Local 742! Best of luck Candidate Gonzalez, we’re looking forward to helping you learn, grow, and succeed!

Candidate Gonzalez


Local #742 Celebrates Black History Month

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, Local 742 is remembering Chief Sanders Hicks. Chief Hicks was the Evanston Fire Department's first Black firefighter, he was hired in 1950 and then went on to become Evanston's Fire Chief in 1980. His groundbreaking career was not an easy one, but he conquered adversity and challenge after challenge, as he put it: "Because I love the job." Please see this article for more information on Chief Hicks.
To commemorate Chief Hicks and Black History Month, Local 742 and Fresh Prints of Evanston  have designed T-Shirts that are for sale. All proceeds from the T-Shirts will be donated to the Chessmen Club of the North Shore, Inc. an organization that provides educational scholarships for Black students in our community. T-Shirts are $15.00 and are available for local pick up only, if interested in purchasing a shirt, please private message our Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/EvanstonFireFightersLocal742 .



Evanston Fire Department Announces Promotions

EVANSTON, IL - The Evanston Fire Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Fire Captain Tim Migon to the rank of Battalion Chief, Fire Apparatus Operator Kyle Zaremba to Fire Captain, and FF/Paramedic Dan Bailey to the rank of Fire Apparatus Operator, effective May 27, 2021.

Battalion Chief Tim Migon

Battalion Chief Tim Migon joined the Evanston Fire Department in 2002. While rising through the ranks, Battalion Chief Migon served as a member of the Evanston Fire Department Dive Rescue Team for the last 17 years, a member of the Evanston Swift Water Rescue Team, and currently serves on Illinois Water Rescue Task Force 1. In 2019, Battalion Chief Migon was deployed twice with Illinois Water Rescue Task Force 1 to aid disaster stricken residents impacted by record flooding in southern Illinois.

Battalion Chief Migon has also served as an Evanston Fire Investigator and Inspector. Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science.


Fire Captain Kyle Zaremba

Fire Captain Kyel Zaremba joined the Evanston Fire Department in 2006. He previously served with the Lake Forest Fire Department. Captain Zaremba is a member of both the Evanston and MABAS Technical Rescue Teams and has been an FAO for 7 years. He served as Secretary, Treasurer and is currently a Trustee for Evanston Firefighters Local 742. Captain Zaremba also serves as a CPR Instructor.



Fire Apparatus Operator Dan Bailey

Fire Apparatus Operator Dan Bailey joined the Evanston Fire Department in 2011. He previously served the Countryside Fire Protection District as a part time firefighter beginning in 2006. He is a Paramedic Preceptor, Surface Water Rescue Team member, EMS Committee member and Acting Captain. F.A.O. Bailey is a Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor II, Advanced Firefighter, Rope Operations Technician, Vehicle Machinery Operations Technician, Hazardous Materials Operations Technician, and Fire Apparatus Engineer.




Battalion Chief William Muno to Deputy Chief of Operations

May 3, 2021-

EVANSTON, IL - Chief Muno has served the residents of Evanston with pride and distinction over the past 34 years. Battalion Chief Muno's promotion to Deputy Chief will be effective May 10, 2021. 

Chief Muno's leadership in the department has been extensive, having served as a Fire Captain for 16 years and Battalion Chief for the last 9 years.

Bill has proven to be a dedicated member of the department, working tirelessly to improve the department's day-to-day operations. He has provided training opportunities for Fire department staff through his participation in the Training Committee for nearly ten years, helped our members operate more safely through his involvement with the Safety Committee since 1996, and has shaped departmental guidelines by serving on the Standard Operating Guideline Committee since 2016. Bill served as a paramedic preceptor, a role proven vital to helping newer paramedics develop the skills necessary to be effective in the field. Additionally, Chief Muno served as an active member of the department’s Hazardous Materials Team for five years.

Bill's commitment to professional development is evident in the numerous training courses, certifications, and college credits completed. Chief Muno completed the Fire Officer I and II certifications, attended numerous command classes, and completed various special operations training. Chief Muno currently holds an Associate's Degree from Oakton College. 

Deputy Chief Muno's vision for the Fire department is to "have every member trained to the degree necessary to effectively manage the challenges presented and to benefit from modern-day advancements in the field." 

"Chief Muno is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the fire service," said Fire Chief Paul Polep. "Everyone in this organization will greatly benefit with Chief Muno in this senior leadership role."

Deputy Chief Paul Polep named as Chief

Fire Chief Paul Polep is a 24-year veteran of the department with more than 30 years of fire service experience. Polep began his service with the Evanston Fire Department in 1996 and rose through the ranks, serving as captain, division chief of emergency medical services, deputy chief of operations,and most recently as interim fire chief, a position he has held since January 2021.

Prior to his service in Evanston, Polep served as lieutenant and as a firefighter/paramedic with McHenry Township Fire Protection District. He holds an associate degree in Applied Fire Science from McHenry County College, and has achieved Chief Fire Officer Designation from the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. He is a resident of Evanston.

Evanston Local #742 Spreads Holiday Cheer

Local 742 was able to gift a total of $3000 in Target gift cards to 12 Evanston families this holiday season. We would like to thank the City of Evanston Aldermen and Alderwomen, and the teachers and staff of District 65 schools who helped us identify families that have had an extra difficult year, and could most benefit from our gift. It was very rewarding for our members to be able to gift this money, and to be able to personally deliver the gift cards. Safely meeting and having a quick conversation with these families reminded us how much we care about and enjoy serving the great City of Evanston and its residents. It is truly a blessing to be able to have a positive impact on our community not only in emergency situations, but in day to day life. Local 742 would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season a healthy New Year!


Evanston Fire Fighters Provide Peer Support to First Responders

Evan Robinson-Johnson/Daily Senior Staffer

Evanston firefighters use a fire rescue saw. Many have turned to peer support groups after experiencing job-related trauma.

Wesley Blaine, Reporter

Glenn Vanek was a 27-year-old firefighter in 1993 when his station received a call: a home was on fire and a family was trapped inside. When Vanek arrived at the fire, he saw a woman pointing frantically at a burning home.

“She kept saying her husband and children were inside,” he said.

Immediately, Vanek entered the burning home and began battling the blaze. Despite their efforts, Vanek and his team were unable to save the woman’s husband or children. He said the incident stuck with him for a long time afterward.

Vanek participated in a critical incident stress debriefing and talked with his co-workers to help ease his pain. However, he didn’t feel like the support system in place was adequate.

“A lot of those discussions were around a bottle of beer,” Vanek said. “It’s not the healthiest thing. But it got me through.”

Today, Vanek volunteers with Illinois Firefighter Peer Support (ILFFPS), a nonprofit organization in Evanston that connects firefighters and emergency medical personnel with a trained peer they can talk to.

ILFFPS Executive Director Tom Howard said firefighters are uniquely capable of supporting other firefighters because they have similar experiences.

Howard got involved with the organization after he reached out to a licensed counselor 20 years ago to talk about job-related trauma. He said it was difficult for him to contact the counselor and actually go to the appointment, since he felt that as a firefighter, he was expected to deal with his emotions alone. After he shared a horrific situation with the counselor, he said he was uncomfortable returning.

“I remember seeing the counselor’s body language change,” Howard said. “I remember feeling I needed to stop saying stuff. And if I can’t talk about what’s going on, there’s no reason for me to go to a counselor.”

To become a peer support specialist, Howard and his team provide two days of training to firefighters and emergency support personnel. Volunteers learn how to talk about vulnerability, build trust with someone and listen actively. They also discuss addictions, suicide, PTSD and the structural changes that occur in the brains of first responders.

Alexis Chancellor, an Evanston firefighter since 2012, reached out to the ILFFPS for help after she began having anxiety and flashbacks after a gruesome call. She was connected with a female firefighter involved in peer support and said she was able to work through some of the trauma she faced.

“People do not need to be afraid or ashamed to reach out and talk to someone,” Chancellor wrote in an email. “Many people struggle with mental health and are in denial that they need help. You never realize how much having someone to talk you through the hard times can really benefit until you hit that point.”

Push In Ceremony for New Engine 22

On Friday, September 25 at 7:20 a.m., the Evanston Fire Department held a traditional wash down of Engine 22, EFD's new fire apparatus, followed with a Push In Ceremony at Fire Station #2.

The traditional “push-in” ceremony dates back more than 100 years to a time before fire trucks were motorized and were instead operated with horse drawn equipment. In those days, firefighters had to wash their vehicles after a call and actually push their trucks into the station.

This event was geared toward celebrating this new engine and honoring those involved in designing how Engine 22 looked and functioned. Fire Chaplain Monte Dillard was also in attendance to bless this engine.

The Evanston Fire Department believes this newest addition will serve Evanston residents for the next 30 years, increasing the level of protection provided with this new state-of-the-art technology.



Evanston Fire Department Announces Recent Promotions and New Hire

July 29, 2020

Left to right: Captain Stephen Barlock, Captain Jason Hays, F.A.O. Brendan Collins, F.A.O. Chris Weglarz, F.A.O. Brandon Gatewood, new hire Max Quinnett

Evanston, IL- The Evanston Fire Department is pleased to announce the promotion of five distinguished members of the department along with the addition of one new member. Members were sworn in at a formal recognition ceremony on July 29 at Fire Station three. Those receiving recognition are listed below:

  • F.A.O. Stephen Barlock promoted to the rank of Fire Captain, effective May 11, 2020. Captain Barlock is a 12-year veteran of the department and is a member of the EFD Honor Guard.
  • F.A.O. Jason Hays promoted to the rank of Fire Captain, effective May 11, 2020. Captain Hays is a 14-year veteran of the department. He was instrumental in the creation of the Evanston Community Health Outreach (ECHO) program, which provided patient centered health care to the City’s most vulnerable residents.
  • FF Brendan Collins promoted to the rank of F.A.O., effective May 11, 2020. F.A.O. Collins is a 10-year veteran who has has served proudly as a paramedic preceptor and as a shift EMS Coordinator.
  • FF Chris Weglarz promoted to the rank of F.A.O., effective May 11, 2020. F.A.O. Weglarz is a 10-year veteran and is a member of the Evanston Fire Department Underwater Rescue Dive Team.
  • FF Brandon Gatewood promoted to the rank of F.A.O., effective June 8, 2020. FAO Gatewood is a 13-year veteran who has served as a Paramedic Preceptor, a member of the training committee and longtime member of the MABAS Division 3 Hazardous Materials Team.
  • FF Candidate Max Quinnett joined the department on May 11, 2020 from the Grayslake and Antioch Fire Departments. He is a state certified Advanced Operations FF, Fire Apparatus Engineer and Paramedic.

Fire Chief Brian Scott commented “With these promotions, each of these members are taking on critically important leadership positions in the department. Their willingness to have a more positive impact on the department and the community we proudly serve is a testament to their dedication. Given their extensive experience and training, I know each will be up for the challenge and will serve as an excellent example to our newest member.”


Evanston Fire Department Announces Promotion of Megan Kamarchevakul to Fire Captain and Dan Philipaitis to Fire Apparatus Operator

EVANSTON, IL - The Evanston Fire Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO) Megan Kamarchevakul to the rank of Fire Captain and Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Philipaitis to the rank of Fire Apparatus Operator, both effective December 7, 2020.


Fire Captain Megan Kamarchevakul has served the residents of Evanston for the last 10 years. Megan has proven to be a dedicated member of the department, working tirelessly to improve the department’s delivery of emergency medical services as well as leading important community engagement and public education programming. She also is a member of the department’s Surface and Underwater Rescue Teams.

As an EMS coordinator, Capt. Kamarchevakul was instrumental in implementing the latest technologies in order to improve patient care in the field, including advancements in video laryngoscope technology and cloud based patient reporting and communications systems that have helped to improve intubation success rates and EMS trend analysis respectively. 

With respect to community engagement, Capt. Kamarchevakul has served as the leader of the department's Fire Explorer Program since its inception in 2012 as well as serving as an  instructor in the EFD/Evanston Township High School’s Public Safety Program.  Both programs teach Evanston youth about a career in firefighting and EMS. She is also a member of the department’s Public Education Team, educating over 7,000 primary school students a year in fire and life safety topics. 

Capt. Kamarchevakul holds a Master of Science Degree in Biology from Northeastern Illinois University.


Fire Apparatus Operator Dan Philipaitis started his career in 2011. Philipaitis holds numerous specialized training certifications and has proven to be a dedicated member of the department over his 9 year career.  His promotion to Fire Apparatus Operator position involves taking on a critically important role within the department as it involves driving and operating highly specialized fire apparatus, pumps and aerial ladders in addition to his regular firefighting and paramedic duties. He has also served as an executive board member of the Evanston Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 742, for the last four years.

FAO Philipaitis holds a Bachelor Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.  

For more information, please call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 3-1-1 in Evanston.

Captain Timothy Taylor Retirement

After more than 32 years of dedicated service, Fire Captain Tim Taylor will retire on November 24, 2020. Taylor started his career in March of 1988 as a firefighter/paramedic and was promoted to Fire Captain in 2011. He spent the last two years as part of the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau.

Over the span of his long career, Captain Taylor has had a long and impressive range of job duties. In addition to being a long-standing member of the department’s specialized Technical and Underwater Rescue teams, he was also an integral leader and contributor to the success of several important community outreach programs including the Citizen Fire Academy, the Evanston Fire Explorers and Evanston’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). He also served as a proud member and leader of the EFD Honor Guard.

As a member of the Fire Prevention Bureau, he led two important community risk reduction initiatives. First, he dramatically improved the fire and life safety inspection program for all of Evanston’s primary schools, enhancing the safety of over 7,000 students and staff. Later, he implemented vital software enhancements to allow firefighters to more efficiently conduct commercial building safety inspections and pre-incident surveys.

“Captain Taylor has always been the type of individual who was willing to do whatever it takes to make a real difference for his co-workers and the Evanston community at large” said Fire Chief Brian Scott. “He loved working with people of all ages to educate, to protect and to inspire. We will miss his dedication, work ethic and servant’s heart.”

Fire Apparatus Operator David Lipp Retirement

After more than 26 years of dedicated service, Fire Apparatus Operator David Lipp will retire at the end of shift on October 12, 2020. 

Lipp started his career in September of 1994 as a firefighter and later was promoted to Fire Apparatus Operator in 2007. In that position he was responsible for the safe operation of both fire engines and trucks, including operating onboard fire pumps and aerial ladders. He was also active with the firefighters union IAFF Local 742 as a union trustee and political action committee representative.

"FAO Lipp has always been a dedicated member of the department who never lost his love of being a skilled firefighter over his long career." said Fire Chief Brian Scott. "That passion for the job, coupled with his extensive experience and an ability to remain calm, in even the most stressful of situations, made him a valuable asset for the department. He will certainly be missed." 

The Evanston Fire Department would like to wish Dave and his family a happy and healthy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors.

Captain Guy Boliaux Retirement

On October 10, 2020, Captain Guy Boliaux announced his retirement from the Evanston Fire Department after 24 years of dedicated service. Since joining the EFD on March 18, 1996, Captain Boliaux has served the City of Evanston and the department with honor and distinction. 

Captain Guy Boliaux started his career as a firefighter, moving to Fire Apparatus Operator in 2007.

He was promoted to Fire Captain in 2008 and in addition to his regular duties as the Captain of Engine Co. 24, he served as quartermaster and led several major and long-term initiatives that have had a significant legacy impact on the department.  

“Guy has always been dedicated to having our members perform our job more proficiently and more safely. From the ground up, he developed one of the nation’s best firefighter mentoring programs, which has helped ensure that our newest candidates are provided the very best training and support necessary to be successful.” said Fire Chief Brian Scott. “He has always had a sincere passion for training and as a result, he has developed and led some of the very best firefighter rescue training in the department’s history. His commitment, passion and leadership will certainly be missed."

The Evanston Fire Department would like to wish Guy and his family a happy and healthy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors.


Evanston FD and D65 School Safety

EVANSTON, IL August 24, 2020- The Evanston Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau, in coordination with Evanston School District 65, have conducted life safety inspections on all District 65 schools and buildings within the City of Evanston.

Under the direction of Fire Inspector Captain Tim Taylor and in coordination with D65 Facility and Ground Administrator Don Stevenson, a total of 14 schools and two administrative buildings were inspected. All District buildings were inspected during the COVID-19 school system shutdown. Inspections were completed with appropriate scheduling to limit personnel exposure, using personal protective equipment and social distancing precautions. All inspections were very intensive, covering all occupied spaces in each facility, including mechanical rooms and attics. The inspections involved the testing of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting equipment and fire suppression devices for their presence and operational readiness. The buildings were also inspected to ensure that all means of egress were accessible, safe, free of obstructions and functioning as designed.

The Evanston Fire Department will always maintain District 65's mission of,Every child, Every day, Whatever it takes” to ensure that students, teachers and staff members are safe from fire and any other possible hazards. District 65 will always keep the safety, health and welfare of their students and employees at the top of their priority list.

Congrats on our recent promotions

From left to right: Captain Marty Rafacz, FAO Andy Arreguin, Firefighter Joe Ceriale

EVANSTON, IL - The Evanston Fire Department promoted three individuals to various positions, Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at 7 p.m., at Fire Station 3, located at 1105 Central St. Captain Marty Rafacz, a 20-year veteran of the department, will be promoted to shift chief. Captain Rafacz's knowledge and experience will bring great leadership to Evanston fire shift three. Captain Rafacz has multiple certifications, including a bachelor’s degree in fire science. Captain Rafacz has been instrumental in the development of the department's drivers program and has led several important initiatives through his leadership within the EFD and Local 742, including restoration of Firemens’-Park at Maple Avenue and Simpson Street. Fire Apparatus Operator Andy Arreguin will be promoted to the rank of captain. F.A.O. Arreguin is an 11-year veteran of the department, who was recently promoted as an F.A.O in July of 2018. Arreguin earned a bachelor’s degree in fire science and is certified as an Instructor I. F.A.O. Arreguin also currently serves as vice president of Evanston Local 742. Firefighter/Paramedic Joey Ceriale, a 12-year veteran of the department, is a certified fire apparatus operator and will now be promoted to the full-time position of fire apparatus operator. Firefighter Ceriale is a recipient of the Craig Stiles award.

B/C Jeff McDermott Retirement After 33 Years of Service

EVANSTON, IL - Shift Chief Jeff McDermott has announced his retirement from the Evanston Fire Department after 33 years of dedicated service. Since joining the EFD on October 1, 1986, Chief McDermott has served the City of Evanston and the department with honor and dedication.

Shift Chief McDermott started his career in 1986 as a firefighter, moving through the ranks to become captain, and then obtaining the position of shift chief in November of 2005. Chief McDermott has held this position for the past 14 years, and has served as an extraordinary leader who has mitigated thousands of incidents for the residents of Evanston. As a constant advocate for enhancing the department's technologies, response plans and equipment, Chief McDermott has helped make firefighters' jobs more efficient and safe when responding to emergency incidents.

Chief McDermott is a second generation Evanston firefighter who has shared his career with his brother, Mike McDermott, captain of engine 24. Chief McDermott has been actively involved in Evanston Firefighters Union Local 742, holding leadership positions, such as grievance chairman and local 742 president.

"Chief McDermott has always been a dedicated firefighter, paramedic and fire officer who helped advance the department's mission, and embraced the idea of technology and efficiency," said Fire Chief Scott. "Jeff's idea of success was to make things better for the next person."

The Evanston Fire Department would like to wish Jeff and his family a happy and healthy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors.



Evanston Fire Department Announces Promotions

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - The Evanston Fire Department today announced the promotion of five members of the department. A promotion ceremony will be held on Friday, May 17, at 7:30 p.m., at Fire Station 3, 1105 Central St. Community members are invited to join the department in celebrating these members' accomplishments.

Division Chief Paul Polep will be promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations, where he will oversee the daily operations of the department. Polep is a 23-year veteran of the Evanston Fire Department and has been promoted through the ranks of the department, holding his latest role of Division Chief of EMS. He holds an associate degree in Applied Fire Science along with multiple state certifications. 


Captain Kim Kull will be promoted to Division Chief of Emergency Management and Logistics. Kull has been serving the residents of Evanston since May 2000 as a Firefighter/Paramedic and Captain. She holds a bachelor's degree in Fire Science and is currently enrolled in a master's degree program through Georgetown University. She has been a part of the department's Mentoring, Training and Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) committees as well as its Dive Team and Evanston Surface Water Rescue Team. Kull has also served on the Executive Board of Evanston Firefighters Local 742 for 10 years. 


Captain Matt Smith will be promoted to Division Chief of Training and Special Operations. Smith began his career as a firefighter in February 2006. He completed paramedic school the following year with honors and began instructing paramedic students in the field as a preceptor three years later. Smith was promoted to Captain/Paramedic in 2013, and has been an active member of the department’s Training Committee and Special Rescue Team for the past decade. Smith has also been a leader in the Evanston Fire Department’s labor organization, IAFF Local 742, since early in his career, including serving two terms as president. 


Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Fochs will be promoted to the rank of Captain. Fochs is a third generation Evanston firefighter, following his grandfather, Norman, and father, Dale, in serving the residents of Evanston. Captain Fochs started his career in the Fire Service with the United States Air Force in 2003. He has been serving Evanston since January 2008 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He is a member of the MABAS Division 3 Dive Team and Mentoring Committee, and is a Paramedic Preceptor and a Qualified Driver. 


Firefighter/Paramedic Kevin Roche II will be promoted to Captain. Roche has been serving Evanston since April 2008 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas. He has been part of the MABAS Division 3 Technical Rescue Team along with the EFD Surface Water Rescue Team. Roche has been serving on the Executive Board of Evanston Firefighters Local 742 for 10 years. 

"Each of these members has worked hard to advance the mission of the department in service of the Evanston community. I look forward to working with each of them in their new positions of leadership as we work together to advance the goals of department," said Chief Scott.

FAO's Davis and Bevins Promoted

The Evanston Fire Department Promotes Two New Fire Apparatus Operators


The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Firefighters Dan Bevins and Wayne Davis to Fire Apparatus Operator, effective Friday, December 1, 2017.

Firefighter Bevins is a 10-year veteran of the department. He has been a member of the Water Rescue Team. He has also participated on the apparatus development committee. Bevins is currently part of the Peer Fitness Team and a Union Steward for Local 742. 

Firefighter Davis is a 13-year veteran of the department who is currently a CPR instructor, an instructor for the ETHS Public Safety Class and a member of the department's recruiting team. 

"The Fire Apparatus Operator position is critical to our daily operations and I know F.A.O.s Bevins and Davis will do an outstanding job for the department in their new roles," said Chief Brian Scott.

Capt. Courtney Edwards Promoted

November 29, 2017

Evanston Fire Department Promotes Courtney Edwards to Captain

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Fire Apparatus Operator Courtney Edwards to Captain effective Wednesday, November 29, 2017. 

Captain Edwards is a 13-year veteran of the Evanston Fire Department who comes from a family of public servants. Courtney's grandfather, James C. Edwards, retired as the Evanston Deputy Chief of Police in 1993, and his father, James C. Edwards Jr., retired as an Evanston Fire Department Captain in 2009. 

"Captain Edwards has always been a highly competent and dedicated firefighter, paramedic and apparatus driver. I look forward to him becoming an outstanding company officer for the department," said Chief Brian Scott.


Local 742 Wrestle Fest Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Local 742 at our Wrestle Fest Fundraiser.  The $500 grand prize winner was kind enough to donate it back to Local 742!  We hope you all had a great time, and enjoyed those who took the extra step and dressed up!

William "Billy" Lynch new Local 742 President

March 14, 2017

At last night's meeting, Brother Billy Lynch took over as President of Local 742 from Brother Matt Smith. Thank you, Matt for your tireless work for the membership! Congrats to Brother Billy Lynch as you assume your leadership role! 

Photo by Mick Morel

Evanston Fire Department Awarded Operations and Safety Grant  

Evanston, Illinois Sept. 2, 12016- The Evanston Fire Department has announced its selection as a grant recipient for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The AFG is a competitive national grant program with agencies from around the country vying for the limited available funds.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) primary goal is to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters to fire-related hazards by providing direct financial assistance to eligible departments.

The Operations and Safety grant will provide $243,200.00 for the Department to replace all 38 frontline Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and associated equipment, currently assigned to its engines, trucks and ambulances which are nearing end of use status.

“On behalf of the entire Department and City of Evanston, I would like to thank the Federal Emergency Management Agency for recognizing our need for this vital equipment and for awarding our Department this grant”, stated Fire Chief Greg Klaiber. “I would also like to thank our Department’s Management Analyst Mike Whalen, for his extraordinary work on the grant application process.”

Evanston Fire Explorer Programm

December 16, 2015 was awards night for our Fire Explorer program. Job well done by these fine young men and women. And thanks to program Director Megan Kamarchevakul and assistants Tim Taylor and Dan Philipaitis.


Congratulations to Bill Muno on his promotion to Batt. Chief

Here are a couple of photo's from Shift Chief Muno's Promotion Ceremony.


Northwestern University Purchases Ambulance for Evanston

Posted on Monday Aug 08, 2011  Northwestern University will donate a new ambulance to the City of Evanston, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl announced today. “We appreciate very much the continued support of Northwestern University for our fire and life safety department,” Mayor Tisdahl said. “Northwestern University is a wonderful part of our community, and we are grateful to receive this generous donation.” The new ambulance, which will be an advanced life support transport unit, will go into frontline service this fall, as soon as the licensing process is completed," said Greg Klaiber, Evanston Fire and Life Safety Services Chief. "The new ambulance will replace a current unit that the city will then keep in reserve for use as needed. The new ambulance includes a power cot, power oxygen lift and a heart monitor/defibrillator" “This addition to our fleet will enable us to continue to provide excellent, responsive service to Evanston residents,” Klaiber said. Northwestern will donate approximately $253,000 to the City, which will cover the entire cost of the new ambulance. In 2009 Northwestern donated $550,000 to the City for the purchase of a new fire engine, which went into service the following year. “We’re very pleased to continue to support the City of Evanston in its efforts to provide services that benefit the entire Evanston community, including Northwestern students, faculty and staff,” said Northwestern President Morton Schapiro. “Northwestern and the City are partners in many important efforts, such as mutual police support, so we hope this donation further solidifies what is an already productive relationship.”


Thank you to Northwestern University on the generous donation of our latest piece of Fire Apparatus.  Although there will be time to add equipment, hose, computer, and other necessary equipment which will take about a month, the new Engine 23 should be in service sometime in October at Fire Station 3, 1105 Central Street. (The rig did go into service that October.)





Evanston Fire Department was established by ordinance in 1875, for which the men and women who serve and have served, have since been protecting lives and property to the City of Evanston for 135 years.


Evanston fire and police honor guards stand by as Chief Klaiber begins the September 11 Memorial Service at Fireman's Park.  Guest speakers, dignitaries, firefighters, police officers, and residents joined in a ceremony to remember those lost on 9/11/01. 

The Fireman's Park Rededication Ceremony was held on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  Local 742 would like to extend our heart felt gratitude to all those who came to help us rededicate this special park.  Thanks to the supporters, the neighbors, the local members who worked countless hours, those who purchased bricks and benches, those who came to the ceremony from other Local's and the AFFI Honor Guard, Evanston Honor Guard, Evanston Police Department Honor Guard, all of our distinguished guests and speakers, Interim Chief Greg Klaiber, and all who came to honor those who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in the Line of Duty and our fallen comrades' that have served the Evanston Fire Department.  It was a wonderful tribute, and we hope the neighborhood enjoys the park for years to come.

Although Friends of Firemen’s Park" is now completed, your opportunity to purchase bricks for the park has not run out.  Orders are still being taken.
Your name or loved one will be deeply engraved into a brick and will
permanently be displayed at Firemen’s Park, located at Simpson and Maple. 
What a way to leave a lasting impression. 

All Proceeds will used to maintain Firemen’s Park
Click HERE for your Order Form now!



Evanston Firefighters Local 742 and the Evanston Fire Department would like to thank all of our officials who attended the 2009 Fire Ops 101.  We hope you gained a valuable insight to what we do, and why the funding for day to day operations is so vital to providing life safety services to the citizens of Evanston.  Thank you to all of the Local 742 Members who attended to help organize, especially the hard work of Brother Tim Gobat.  This was a great event.  Click here to read the article from the Evanston Review on the event.



NFPA 1710:
NFPA 1710



Fire Ops 101 videos:

IAFF Fire Ops 101 Class




The following two clips are on YouTube that give the radio traffic of a Houston Captain that was trapped in a high rise fire.

Houston Firefighter Mayday 1 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com

Houston Firefighter Mayday 1 of 2  TheBravestOnline.com\


Houston Firefighter Mayday 2 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com

Houston Firefighter Mayday 2 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com




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