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Evanston Fire Fighters

On duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protecting Evanston and surrounding communities.

Advanced Life Support

All of our rigs have Advanced Life Support capabilities to save lives quickly.


On or off duty, Local #742 helps to support the Evanston Community.


International Association of Fire Fighters/ Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois.

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Evanston FD and D65 School Safety

EVANSTON, IL August 24, 2020- The Evanston Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau, in coordination with Evanston School District 65, have conducted life safety inspections on all District 65 schools and buildings within the City of Evanston.

Under the direction of Fire Inspector Captain Tim Taylor and in coordination with D65 Facility and Ground Administrator Don Stevenson, a total of 14 schools and two administrative buildings were inspected. All District buildings were inspected during the COVID-19 school system shutdown. Inspections were completed with appropriate scheduling to limit personnel exposure, using personal protective equipment and social distancing precautions. All inspections were very intensive, covering all occupied spaces in each facility, including mechanical rooms and attics. The inspections involved the testing of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting equipment and fire suppression devices for their presence and operational readiness. The buildings were also inspected to ensure that all means of egress were accessible, safe, free of obstructions and functioning as designed.

The Evanston Fire Department will always maintain District 65's mission of,Every child, Every day, Whatever it takes” to ensure that students, teachers and staff members are safe from fire and any other possible hazards. District 65 will always keep the safety, health and welfare of their students and employees at the top of their priority list.

Congrats on our recent promotions

From left to right: Captain Marty Rafacz, FAO Andy Arreguin, Firefighter Joe Ceriale

EVANSTON, IL - The Evanston Fire Department promoted three individuals to various positions, Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at 7 p.m., at Fire Station 3, located at 1105 Central St. Captain Marty Rafacz, a 20-year veteran of the department, will be promoted to shift chief. Captain Rafacz's knowledge and experience will bring great leadership to Evanston fire shift three. Captain Rafacz has multiple certifications, including a bachelor’s degree in fire science. Captain Rafacz has been instrumental in the development of the department's drivers program and has led several important initiatives through his leadership within the EFD and Local 742, including restoration of Firemens’-Park at Maple Avenue and Simpson Street. Fire Apparatus Operator Andy Arreguin will be promoted to the rank of captain. F.A.O. Arreguin is an 11-year veteran of the department, who was recently promoted as an F.A.O in July of 2018. Arreguin earned a bachelor’s degree in fire science and is certified as an Instructor I. F.A.O. Arreguin also currently serves as vice president of Evanston Local 742. Firefighter/Paramedic Joey Ceriale, a 12-year veteran of the department, is a certified fire apparatus operator and will now be promoted to the full-time position of fire apparatus operator. Firefighter Ceriale is a recipient of the Craig Stiles award.

B/C Jeff McDermott Retirement After 33 Years of Service

EVANSTON, IL - Shift Chief Jeff McDermott has announced his retirement from the Evanston Fire Department after 33 years of dedicated service. Since joining the EFD on October 1, 1986, Chief McDermott has served the City of Evanston and the department with honor and dedication.

Shift Chief McDermott started his career in 1986 as a firefighter, moving through the ranks to become captain, and then obtaining the position of shift chief in November of 2005. Chief McDermott has held this position for the past 14 years, and has served as an extraordinary leader who has mitigated thousands of incidents for the residents of Evanston. As a constant advocate for enhancing the department's technologies, response plans and equipment, Chief McDermott has helped make firefighters' jobs more efficient and safe when responding to emergency incidents.

Chief McDermott is a second generation Evanston firefighter who has shared his career with his brother, Mike McDermott, captain of engine 24. Chief McDermott has been actively involved in Evanston Firefighters Union Local 742, holding leadership positions, such as grievance chairman and local 742 president.

"Chief McDermott has always been a dedicated firefighter, paramedic and fire officer who helped advance the department's mission, and embraced the idea of technology and efficiency," said Fire Chief Scott. "Jeff's idea of success was to make things better for the next person."

The Evanston Fire Department would like to wish Jeff and his family a happy and healthy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors.



Evanston Fire Department Announces Promotions

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - The Evanston Fire Department today announced the promotion of five members of the department. A promotion ceremony will be held on Friday, May 17, at 7:30 p.m., at Fire Station 3, 1105 Central St. Community members are invited to join the department in celebrating these members' accomplishments.

Division Chief Paul Polep will be promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations, where he will oversee the daily operations of the department. Polep is a 23-year veteran of the Evanston Fire Department and has been promoted through the ranks of the department, holding his latest role of Division Chief of EMS. He holds an associate degree in Applied Fire Science along with multiple state certifications. 


Captain Kim Kull will be promoted to Division Chief of Emergency Management and Logistics. Kull has been serving the residents of Evanston since May 2000 as a Firefighter/Paramedic and Captain. She holds a bachelor's degree in Fire Science and is currently enrolled in a master's degree program through Georgetown University. She has been a part of the department's Mentoring, Training and Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) committees as well as its Dive Team and Evanston Surface Water Rescue Team. Kull has also served on the Executive Board of Evanston Firefighters Local 742 for 10 years. 


Captain Matt Smith will be promoted to Division Chief of Training and Special Operations. Smith began his career as a firefighter in February 2006. He completed paramedic school the following year with honors and began instructing paramedic students in the field as a preceptor three years later. Smith was promoted to Captain/Paramedic in 2013, and has been an active member of the department’s Training Committee and Special Rescue Team for the past decade. Smith has also been a leader in the Evanston Fire Department’s labor organization, IAFF Local 742, since early in his career, including serving two terms as president. 


Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Fochs will be promoted to the rank of Captain. Fochs is a third generation Evanston firefighter, following his grandfather, Norman, and father, Dale, in serving the residents of Evanston. Captain Fochs started his career in the Fire Service with the United States Air Force in 2003. He has been serving Evanston since January 2008 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He is a member of the MABAS Division 3 Dive Team and Mentoring Committee, and is a Paramedic Preceptor and a Qualified Driver. 


Firefighter/Paramedic Kevin Roche II will be promoted to Captain. Roche has been serving Evanston since April 2008 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas. He has been part of the MABAS Division 3 Technical Rescue Team along with the EFD Surface Water Rescue Team. Roche has been serving on the Executive Board of Evanston Firefighters Local 742 for 10 years. 

"Each of these members has worked hard to advance the mission of the department in service of the Evanston community. I look forward to working with each of them in their new positions of leadership as we work together to advance the goals of department," said Chief Scott.

FAO's Davis and Bevins Promoted

The Evanston Fire Department Promotes Two New Fire Apparatus Operators


The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Firefighters Dan Bevins and Wayne Davis to Fire Apparatus Operator, effective Friday, December 1, 2017.

Firefighter Bevins is a 10-year veteran of the department. He has been a member of the Water Rescue Team. He has also participated on the apparatus development committee. Bevins is currently part of the Peer Fitness Team and a Union Steward for Local 742. 

Firefighter Davis is a 13-year veteran of the department who is currently a CPR instructor, an instructor for the ETHS Public Safety Class and a member of the department's recruiting team. 

"The Fire Apparatus Operator position is critical to our daily operations and I know F.A.O.s Bevins and Davis will do an outstanding job for the department in their new roles," said Chief Brian Scott.

Capt. Courtney Edwards Promoted

November 29, 2017

Evanston Fire Department Promotes Courtney Edwards to Captain

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Fire Apparatus Operator Courtney Edwards to Captain effective Wednesday, November 29, 2017. 

Captain Edwards is a 13-year veteran of the Evanston Fire Department who comes from a family of public servants. Courtney's grandfather, James C. Edwards, retired as the Evanston Deputy Chief of Police in 1993, and his father, James C. Edwards Jr., retired as an Evanston Fire Department Captain in 2009. 

"Captain Edwards has always been a highly competent and dedicated firefighter, paramedic and apparatus driver. I look forward to him becoming an outstanding company officer for the department," said Chief Brian Scott.


Local 742 Wrestle Fest Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Local 742 at our Wrestle Fest Fundraiser.  The $500 grand prize winner was kind enough to donate it back to Local 742!  We hope you all had a great time, and enjoyed those who took the extra step and dressed up!

William "Billy" Lynch new Local 742 President

March 14, 2017

At last night's meeting, Brother Billy Lynch took over as President of Local 742 from Brother Matt Smith. Thank you, Matt for your tireless work for the membership! Congrats to Brother Billy Lynch as you assume your leadership role! 

Photo by Mick Morel

Evanston Fire Department Awarded Operations and Safety Grant  

Evanston, Illinois Sept. 2, 12016- The Evanston Fire Department has announced its selection as a grant recipient for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The AFG is a competitive national grant program with agencies from around the country vying for the limited available funds.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) primary goal is to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters to fire-related hazards by providing direct financial assistance to eligible departments.

The Operations and Safety grant will provide $243,200.00 for the Department to replace all 38 frontline Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and associated equipment, currently assigned to its engines, trucks and ambulances which are nearing end of use status.

“On behalf of the entire Department and City of Evanston, I would like to thank the Federal Emergency Management Agency for recognizing our need for this vital equipment and for awarding our Department this grant”, stated Fire Chief Greg Klaiber. “I would also like to thank our Department’s Management Analyst Mike Whalen, for his extraordinary work on the grant application process.”

Evanston Fire Explorer Programm

December 16, 2015 was awards night for our Fire Explorer program. Job well done by these fine young men and women. And thanks to program Director Megan Kamarchevakul and assistants Tim Taylor and Dan Philipaitis.


Congratulations to Bill Muno on his promotion to Batt. Chief

Here are a couple of photo's from Shift Chief Muno's Promotion Ceremony.


Northwestern University Purchases Ambulance for Evanston

Posted on Monday Aug 08, 2011  Northwestern University will donate a new ambulance to the City of Evanston, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl announced today. “We appreciate very much the continued support of Northwestern University for our fire and life safety department,” Mayor Tisdahl said. “Northwestern University is a wonderful part of our community, and we are grateful to receive this generous donation.” The new ambulance, which will be an advanced life support transport unit, will go into frontline service this fall, as soon as the licensing process is completed," said Greg Klaiber, Evanston Fire and Life Safety Services Chief. "The new ambulance will replace a current unit that the city will then keep in reserve for use as needed. The new ambulance includes a power cot, power oxygen lift and a heart monitor/defibrillator" “This addition to our fleet will enable us to continue to provide excellent, responsive service to Evanston residents,” Klaiber said. Northwestern will donate approximately $253,000 to the City, which will cover the entire cost of the new ambulance. In 2009 Northwestern donated $550,000 to the City for the purchase of a new fire engine, which went into service the following year. “We’re very pleased to continue to support the City of Evanston in its efforts to provide services that benefit the entire Evanston community, including Northwestern students, faculty and staff,” said Northwestern President Morton Schapiro. “Northwestern and the City are partners in many important efforts, such as mutual police support, so we hope this donation further solidifies what is an already productive relationship.”


Thank you to Northwestern University on the generous donation of our latest piece of Fire Apparatus.  Although there will be time to add equipment, hose, computer, and other necessary equipment which will take about a month, the new Engine 23 should be in service sometime in October at Fire Station 3, 1105 Central Street. (The rig did go into service that October.)





Evanston Fire Department was established by ordinance in 1875, for which the men and women who serve and have served, have since been protecting lives and property to the City of Evanston for 135 years.


Evanston fire and police honor guards stand by as Chief Klaiber begins the September 11 Memorial Service at Fireman's Park.  Guest speakers, dignitaries, firefighters, police officers, and residents joined in a ceremony to remember those lost on 9/11/01. 

The Fireman's Park Rededication Ceremony was held on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  Local 742 would like to extend our heart felt gratitude to all those who came to help us rededicate this special park.  Thanks to the supporters, the neighbors, the local members who worked countless hours, those who purchased bricks and benches, those who came to the ceremony from other Local's and the AFFI Honor Guard, Evanston Honor Guard, Evanston Police Department Honor Guard, all of our distinguished guests and speakers, Interim Chief Greg Klaiber, and all who came to honor those who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in the Line of Duty and our fallen comrades' that have served the Evanston Fire Department.  It was a wonderful tribute, and we hope the neighborhood enjoys the park for years to come.

Although Friends of Firemen’s Park" is now completed, your opportunity to purchase bricks for the park has not run out.  Orders are still being taken.
Your name or loved one will be deeply engraved into a brick and will
permanently be displayed at Firemen’s Park, located at Simpson and Maple. 
What a way to leave a lasting impression. 

All Proceeds will used to maintain Firemen’s Park
Click HERE for your Order Form now!



Evanston Firefighters Local 742 and the Evanston Fire Department would like to thank all of our officials who attended the 2009 Fire Ops 101.  We hope you gained a valuable insight to what we do, and why the funding for day to day operations is so vital to providing life safety services to the citizens of Evanston.  Thank you to all of the Local 742 Members who attended to help organize, especially the hard work of Brother Tim Gobat.  This was a great event.  Click here to read the article from the Evanston Review on the event.



NFPA 1710:
NFPA 1710



Fire Ops 101 videos:

IAFF Fire Ops 101 Class




The following two clips are on YouTube that give the radio traffic of a Houston Captain that was trapped in a high rise fire.

Houston Firefighter Mayday 1 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com

Houston Firefighter Mayday 1 of 2  TheBravestOnline.com\


Houston Firefighter Mayday 2 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com

Houston Firefighter Mayday 2 of 2 TheBravestOnline.com




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