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This is a list of past arbitrations that Local 742 has been involved in.

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Past Arbitrations

Past Arbitrations

The Evanston Fire Department and The Evanston Fire Fighters Association Local 742 have encountered many issues that had to be settled by means of an Arbitration Committee.  We have posted a few recent decisions in hopes of assisting other local's encountering some of the same issues.  It is our hope that others can learn from our past encounters and avoid similar situations from occurring in their community.

There are thousands of documents of arbitration decisions in our possession, and obviously not all of them will be available on-line.  However, past arbitration decisions can be made available if requested.  Just contact us on the feedback page, or E-mail one of the Executive Board Members.  Here are decisions from March 1988 through January 1994.

Disposition of:
Illinois Court Cases
Illinois State Labor
Relations Board Decisions
Evanston Civil Service Decisions
Arbitration Awards
the Evanston Fire Fighters Association
or members of our Association

    Date                 Description          Prevailing      

Mar. 1998          Grievance Arbitration   City
                            (Promotional Issue)

July 1989           I.S.L.R.B. Hearing Officer's 
                           decision, Unit Clarification Union

Jan. 1989          Evanston Civil Service                 
                           Commission decision, reduced
                           90 day suspension of a 
                           firefighter to a 15 day 
                           suspension                        Union

Aug. 1989         Evanston Civil Service 
                           Commission decision,
                           discharge of firefighter
                           overturned                      Union

Sept. 1989        I.S.L.R.B., Unit Clarification
                           decision                          Union

Sept. 1989        Illinois Appellate Court reverses
                           decision of the Circuit Court in 
                         fundraising magazine issue Union

Nov. 1989          I.S.L.R.B., Unfair Labor Practice
                            for threats of demotions and
                            layoffs if union wins Unit 
                            Clarification Case             Union

Nov. 1989          Illinois Supreme Court refuses to
                            hear appeal of the City in the 
                         fundraising magazine issue Union

Feb. 1990          Illinois Circuit Court, upholds
                            decision of Civil Service
                            Commission in the Aug. 1989
                            discharge case                Union

Apr. 1990          I.S.L.R.B., Hearing officers
                           decision of Unfair Labor
                           Practice charge against City
                           for threatening employees in the
                    exercise of their political rights Union

Sept. 1990        I.S.L.R.B., Unfair Labor Practice
                           decision, for threats of
                           employees in exercise of political
                           rights                                     City

Aug. 1990         Arbitration Award, discharge of
                           firefighter overturned          Union

Oct. 1990          Interest Arbitration, Drug Testing
                           Policy                                 Union

Dec. 1991        Arbitration Award, 9 day 
                          suspensions of union officers
                          (Brumbach & Ellis) for union
                          activity overturned                Union

Feb. 1992        Arbitration Award, suspensions
                          of paramedics reduced to provide
                          for equity in discipline          Union

Mar. 1992        Interest Arbitration Award,
                          9 issues                    City & Union

May 1992        I.S.L.R.B., Unfair Labor Practice
                         decision, Hanchar vs. City for 
                         adverse action taken against
                      employee for filing grievance Union

June 1992       Department of Labor decision,
                          Illegal pay deduction claim Union

Jan. 1993        Arbitration Award, Paramedic
                         Pay issue                             Union

Apr. 1993        Illinois Appellate Court, reverses
                         Sept. 1990 decision of the 
                         I.S.L.R.B., U.L.P involving 
                         exercise of political rights    Union

Aug. 1993       Interest Arbitration Award,
                         Promotional process to the ranks
                         of Captain and Shift Chief   Union

Sept. 1993      Arbitration Award, Back Union 
                         dues paid to the union by the City
                         for employees serving in disputed 
                         positions under July 1988 unit
                         clarification decision            Union

Jan. 1994        Interest Arbitration, Briefs filed
                         Jan. 17, 1994 awaiting decision 
                         on 10 issues.


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