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Evanston Fire Fighters

On duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protecting Evanston and surrounding communities.

Advanced Life Support

All of our rigs have Advanced Life Support capabilities to save lives quickly.


On or off duty, Local #742 helps to support the Evanston Community.


International Association of Fire Fighters/ Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois.

Engine 23

Northwestern gracious donation of Engine 23.

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Line of Duty Death

This page is dedicated to those who have made the supreme sacrifice in saving life and property.  It is always difficult to lose a loved one, and this profession is like no other when it comes to the family like atmosphere of being a firefighter.  When a member of our family in this profession is taken from us, it leaves a tremendous void in so many lives.  Those who knew that individual, as well as the many lives that were changed from the actions taken by that individual while in the performance of duty.  Let us always keep these individuals in our thoughts and prayers. 

Brother Marty Leoni
Marty made the supreme sacrifice in the discharge
of his duties protecting life and property at a house fire.
1927 Jackson on July 22, 1985 at 14:25 Hours.

On December 13, 1905, Firefighters Craig and Stiles
made the supreme sacrifice in the discharge
of their duties protecting life and property at the Clayton
Marks Factory which occurred at 13:30 Hours.

On May 18, 2005 Fire Fighter/Paramedic George "Christopher" Dwyer
succumbed to cancer.  Brother Dwyer was a 12 year veteran on the
Department, and a member of the EMS Committee.

On January 6, 2006 Captain Peter Hanchar succumbed to cancer.  Brother
Hanchar was a 28 year veteran, and a founding member of the MABAS
Hazardous Materials Team.


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