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Welcome to the Evanston Fire Fighters Association Local 742 Home Page! Local 742 was chartered on February 1, 1943. Since that time, the Evanston Fire Department and the Evanston Fire Fighters Association have endured many changes and prevailed through some turbulent times. In 1974, the Evanston Fire Fighters were the third International Association of Fire Fighters Local in Illinois to strike for our Members benefits. Today, Local 742 remains a very strong local, with membership beginning with the entry level fire fighter, continuing through Battalion Chief's.

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Evanston Imprintables has a new order form for purchasing EFD Local 742 clothing. There are 2 different PDF files you can click on to make custom EFD clothing orders from Evanston Imprintables. Please visit our On-Line Store for more information and order forms.

Fireman's Park:

Bricks are still available for sale to help keep up Fireman's Park. You can find the order form by clicking here. There will be more renovations this year and for the years to come. Your support is greatly appreciated!



Click here to find out information about upcoming fundraisers for Local #742.






Union Meeting:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017.  
7:30pm American Legion Hall


Please sign up both current
and Retired Members so that
you don't miss important
announcements such as retirements,
funerals, current events, etc. 
Too many times Brothers and
Sisters miss out on these events
due to a Kelly Day, vacation day,
etc.  By joining the list, I will be
able to send out a notification to
each member who signs up to keep
you all better informed as to what
is going on.  To help in that, if you
have information about a funeral
notification or event, please e-mail
Jeff Boetto at:
FyrEater21@aol.com  to let me
know the information
so it can be passed along.

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In Loving Memory:

Never Forget

Chief Sanders "Sam" Hicks
June 16, 2017

Captain Ron Shulga
May 11, 2017

Captain George Strom
April 4, 2017

Division Chief James Mersch
March 30, 2017

Firefighter/Paramedic Gary Hilbert
March 21, 2017

Firefighter Thomas N. Kostopoulos
December 8, 2016

Captain Peter Erpelding
October 11, 2016

Firefighter Tomas Simpson
July 11, 2016

Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Hanson
January 10, 2015

Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph F. Hayes
November 24, 2014

Captain James A. Cox
May 13, 2014

Captain Roger J. Pettinger
April 17, 2014

Firefighter Dave Henderson
December 9, 2013

Firefighter James M. Keaty
July 25, 2013

Firefighter William Lemieux
May 10, 2013

Firefighter Ben Ghiselli
February 27, 2013

Shift Chief James "Gov" Whalen
January 26, 2013

Assistant Fire Chief

Willard Thiel
January 4, 2013

Captain William L. Moore
August 16, 2012

Firefighter Bernard Burczak
January 5, 2012

Captain Bob Schwarz
November 30, 2011

Captain Daniel Lorden Sr.
June 24, 2011

Assistant Fire Chief
Edward E. Pettinger
November 12, 2010

Division Chief
David Franzen
July 29, 2010

Captain Mike Lass
May 28, 2010

Firefighter Richard G. Ruley Sr.
April 1, 2010

Firefighter/Paramedic Pat Reif
January 18, 2010

Captain Joe Planos
June 13, 2008

Assistant Fire Chief
Richard G. Schumacher
May 29, 2008

Firefighter Norman Peterson
April 13, 2008

Firefighter Stanley J. Broslovik
January 2, 2008

Firefighter Mike "Mickey" Ryan
December 27, 2007

Firefighter Bob Godemann
April 3, 2007

Chief John Wilkinson
November 29, 2006

Captain Joseph Burton
August 31, 2006

Captain LeRoy O. Dullin
March 19, 2006 (Past Union President)

Captain Ernest W. Bongratz
February 9, 2006

Captain Harold E. Cowell
January 24, 2006

Captain Peter Hanchar
January 6, 2006

Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Dwyer
May 18, 2005

Captain William Best
February 15, 2003

Captain William C. Currie
May 24, 1997

Marty Leoni
July 22, 1985

Firefighters Craig and Stiles
December 13, 1905


32nd Annual Marty Leoni Fun Run







TIME:        8:30 AM TO NOON

START:     8:30 AM @ Fire Department Headquarters

                                          (909 Lake Street, Evanston)

FINISH:     Elliott Park, Hamilton and Lake Shore Drive

Distance: Approximately 3 Miles

Registration: Click HERE for registration form.







Return Shirt Order Forms To:

Chris Fochs                 Shift #1

Dan Philipaitis     Shift #2

Jim Trippi           Shift #3





Visit the Fireman’s Memorial

Located in Fireman’s Park

Simpson & Maple, Evanston

Police & Fire Foundation Grill Off

Congratulations to the Evanston Police Department members who, after 4 years, finally beat the Evanston Fire Fighters at the annual Grill Off that was held at the Valli Produce International Fresh Market parking lot August 26th. The event raised thousands of dollars that will help purchase needed safety equipment for both departments. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and try some great food by both departments!



The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Firefighter Damian Bazan to Captain effective Wednesday June 14, 2017. Captain Bazan is a 9-year veteran of the Evanston Fire Department who served the country as an Army Reservist from 2001-2009. Captain Bazan also holds a bachelor's degree in fire science from Southern Illinois University, and numerous fire and technical rescue certifications. In addition to his departmental responsibilities, Captain Bazan is a member of the Evanston Fire Department/MABAS Division 3 Dive team, He is also an active member of the department's Honor Guard, and has held the role of EMS Coordinator for the Evanston Fire Department. "Through his dedication and work ethic Captain Bazan has proven himself to be a dedicated leader. I look forward to working with him in his new position," said Chief Brian Scott.


Local 742 Wrestle Fest Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Local 742 at our Wrestle Fest Fundraiser.  The $500 grand prize winner was kind enough to donate it back to Local 742!  We hope you all had a great time, and enjoyed those who took the extra step and dressed up!

William "Billy" Lynch new Local 742 President

March 14, 2017

At last night's meeting, Brother Billy Lynch took over as President of Local 742 from Brother Matt Smith. Thank you, Matt for your tireless work for the membership! Congrats to Brother Billy Lynch as you assume your leadership role! 

Photo by Mick Morel

Evanston Fire Department Awarded Operations and Safety Grant  

Evanston, Illinois Sept. 2, 12016- The Evanston Fire Department has announced its selection as a grant recipient for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The AFG is a competitive national grant program with agencies from around the country vying for the limited available funds.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) primary goal is to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters to fire-related hazards by providing direct financial assistance to eligible departments.

The Operations and Safety grant will provide $243,200.00 for the Department to replace all 38 frontline Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and associated equipment, currently assigned to its engines, trucks and ambulances which are nearing end of use status.

“On behalf of the entire Department and City of Evanston, I would like to thank the Federal Emergency Management Agency for recognizing our need for this vital equipment and for awarding our Department this grant”, stated Fire Chief Greg Klaiber. “I would also like to thank our Department’s Management Analyst Mike Whalen, for his extraordinary work on the grant application process.”

Evanston Fire Explorer Programm

December 16, 2015 was awards night for our Fire Explorer program. Job well done by these fine young men and women. And thanks to program Director Megan Kamarchevakul and assistants Tim Taylor and Dan Philipaitis.


We are One Illinois

We are One Illinois is an unprecedented labor coalition working on behalf of over 1 million statewide members to protect public employee pensions. We Are One Illinois coalition members include the Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, AFSCME Council 31, Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Service Employees International Union, Laborers International Union of North America Midwest Region, the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association, Illinois Public Pension Fund Association, National Pension Coalition, United Transportation Union, Laborers International Union of North America - Chicago District Council, AFSCME International Union, National Education Association, Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 7 Chicago, and the Fireman's Association of Chicago - Local 2.



File of L.I.F.E.

File of L.I.F.E. for Evanston Residents “Designed to speak for you when you can’t!”

The City of Evanston’s File of L.I.F.E. program allows a resident to communicate with emergency responders even if they are unresponsive. The File of L.I.F.E., a plastic pouch with a bright red sticker, contains an information sheet for residents to indicate their medical history, prescriptions, allergies and emergency contacts. This pouch is placed inside the individual’s freezer where emergency response personnel have been trained to look when responding to medical emergencies. Other important information may be placed in the pouch: power of attorney, living will, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) documentation, etc.

This is a free community program that will educate residents about the importance of maintaining their own up-to-date medication and allergy lists—and taking steps to make them easily accessible in case of an emergency. It is essential that seniors and the disabled population maintains their medical information and makes it accessible in case of an emergency.

There will be kickoff for this program on Wednesday August 31 at 1:00pm at Fleetwood Jourdain Community Center, 1655 Foster in Evanston, IL.

The free File of L.I.F.E. pouches can be picked up at the Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Avenue or any of Evanston’s five Fire Stations. The File of L.I.F.E. (Lifesaving Information for Emergencies) is a nationally-recognized program. This program is sponsored by the Evanston Police & Fire Foundation.

If you would like more information, please call 3-1-1 (or 847-448-4311) 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to speak with a customer service representative.

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